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best IT company in Bogra, Bangladesh

Bogra is recognized as a progressive district of Bangladesh with its advanced socio-cultural, historic tradition, educational inheritance, latest innovation and technological understanding. So we have decided to serve the citizens of Bogra district with an intention to be the Best IT Company in Bogra. We welcome every one specially the dweller of Bogra from Optimizesoft Ltd. Bogra is called the gateway as well as the nerve center of North Bengal in Bangladesh. Our Bogra-based services are mentioned below:

Web Design Service in Bogra

Website is the most important marketing tool for a company to represent the business globally. Use a firm that has the right knowledge, tools, and techniques for increasing your website’s effectiveness. Use a firm like Optimizesoft Ltd that can design and develop the website that your business needs and deserves.

We provide attractive and eye catchy web design services on demand of our clients at affordable prices

Web Development Service in Bogra

A website must be built upon the solid principals of search engine optimization, user friendly and value for your customers. At Optimizesoft Ltd, we build sites with high visual appeal without compromising the principles that are often neglected by others. So we have an intention to provide better service to become the best web development company at Bogra.

E-Commerce Design & Development Service in Bogra

Optimizesoft Ltd provides cost-effective e-commerce design and development service for the business of Bogra district to sell your products or services locally as well as globally

SEO Service in Bogra

Optimizesoft Ltd provides various SEO or Search Engine Optimization services including keyword research, link building management industry best practices, site architecture optimization and content making, optimization and promotion. We are offering best and cost-effective SEO services for the businesses of Bogra district from Malotinagar.

Social Media Marketing Service in Bogra

We help to grow your network and get more referrals by connecting other business owners who are enjoying the status of being busy on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Optimizesoft Ltd provides Social Media Marketing service for the business of Bogra district to bring it to a higher level for your business.

Internet Marketing Service in Bogra

Optimizesoft Ltd provides Internet Marketing service for the business of Bogra district to generate leads and sales, promote your products or services and finally to build your brand.

Domain & Hosting Service in Bogra

A lot of businesses don’t have the clear idea about the web hosting and domain registration and really don’t have the time and patience to deal with this. We, Optimizesoft Ltd, are going to take the responsibility to register your domain name for you as well as the responsibility to host it in a secure place. We provide stress free domain registration and website hosting service at an affordable price for individual or business of Bogra district

Computer or IT Training Service in Bogra

Computer is an essential part in today’s life. So everyone should learn the use of computer to get a better job for a better career. Optimizesoft Ltd is a Bogra-based computer training center in Bangladesh. We provide website design & website development course, SEO course and Advance Microsoft Office course for the citizen of Bogra district.


Always Customized: Our solutions are always customized to the exact needs of the client.
Focus on Client Success: We provide you with the best solutions which can help your business grow
Unique Solutions: Our team believes in providing you the best and innovative solutions for your business needs and requirements
Positive word of mouth: Our clients are derived from word of mouth recommendations. Our quality of work and client service is second to none and is evidenced by the statistics that our customers have the trust and confidence to recommend others to us. This statistics alone sets us apart from our competitors.


  • Growth-oriented Web Design & Development services
    • Hassle free Domain & Hosting services
      • Result-oriented SEO Service
        • Target-oriented Social Media Marketing Services
          • Responsive Website Design
            • SEO friendly web design
              • 24/7 chat support
                • Outstanding Customer Support
                  • Timely Delivery